Akid Kids Shoes

Akid Kids Shoes

Akid is a famous kids’ footwear brand that was founded by a mother of two boys, Ashleigh Dempster who often went shopping in vain trying to find the kind of footwear that has not yet been invented. When her first son learnt to walk, the founder of the brand together with her husband have noticed that there is a gap in the children’s footwear market. They were looking for shoes that would be stylish and functional at the same time, but all was in vain. The idea of the brand originated as a natural consequence of inability to find the appropriate pair of children’s shoes. The first collection of the brand was inspired by the need of children in stylish, fashionable and practical footwear that would be durable and easy to wear at the same time.

It is evident that many companies in today’s kids’ wear market simply follow the traditional adult trends in footwear fashion when creating shoes for children. On the other hand, Akid designers are trying to make sure that their shoes are created specifically for the sensitive skin of children. Kids’ feet need to sweat and breathe, so the collections of the brand are filled with footwear made from the finest breathable materials that ensure maximum comfort of child’s feet. Kids’ can also easily go barefoot in the footwear of the brand. There is no need for socks or anything else if footwear is well-designed and properly made. And the designers of Akid make sure that they create exactly what children will enjoy wearing day after day. The brand offers not only footwear specifically for boys and girls, but also unisex sneakers for children of different ages. With the founder’s background in footwear production and passion for design and kids’ fashion, the creation of the brand’s collections came quite naturally. The founders and designers of the brand have found balance between comfort and style and created a lovely footwear line that every child will be keen to wear.

What do you usually imagine when thinking of footwear for babies and older children? It’s definitely something functional yet stylish. The creator of the Akid brand knows exactly what every child would adore wearing as she herself has two boys to take care of. The two parents are known for setting trends in kids’ fashion across the world. The brand bridges unique fashion sense of the creative designer of the brand and is penetrated with peculiar edginess that makes the brand’s creations a number one choice for parents across the world. The brand’s creations are available for highly approachable prices, and today you can purchase the footwear of the brand in the online stores. This eliminates the need to wander across various fashion boutiques in search of stylish and comfortable footwear for children. Today, everything is much easier as you can enjoy all the benefits of online shopping.

The footwear of Akid is produced from the finest-quality materials with a close attention to the smallest details. The kids’ shoes of the brand are available in a diverse range of colors to meet the tastes and preferences of parents and their children. The brand caters for the needs of both boys and girls of different age groups starting from the very first years of their life. Akid has long become an iconic brand that has gained a reputation of a trustworthy and reliable producer of children’s footwear of diverse styles and designs. Akid will be an excellent choice if you are looking for something practical and fashionable all at once. Today, you can buy Akid footwear in online stores for a highly affordable price. Make the right choice!


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