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Aletta kids and baby clothes

Aletta kids and baby clothes

Aletta brand name kids clothing was established 60 years ago in Italy and since that time it become popular all over the world among parents and their children. There is no any secret for this popularity ,just high quality materials and stylish practical design, mix all these and you’ll get perfect baby and children clothes…

ValMax clothing for girls of all ages

ValMax dresses and other girls clothes

It is very hard to find Italian clothes that is not trendy, stylish and high qulity, ValMax is not an exception. Since 1959 Val Max company produces perfect children clothing to make child’s life happier and parents life easier. Every time you buy these children wear you can be sure that it is right decision…

Lesy kids clothing and accessories

Lesy kids

Today I want to introduce you luxury Italian brand name that specializes on creating outstanding dresses and accessories for girls of all ages from 12 months babies to 16 years old young ladies. Lesy brand name starts its history from 1964 and since that time it become a synonym of style and quality when we…

ANCAR baby clothes

Ancar baby clothes

Every parent try to make his baby life just perfect and clothing is one of the important part of this process. When you know that material used for baby suit is soft like a feather, that no harmful syntactic used, that all colours are safe for you child skin, sure you’ll like this kind of…

Children beach clothes set

Children vacation clothing

Christmas and New Year holidays people usually associate with snow, cold weather, warm clothing etc… but this is also a perfect time to go to the seaside, to some sunny islands and relax taking sun bathes with your family. Maybe it will be a first vacation of this kind to your kid? Do not panic,…

Disco Girl clothing set

Disco girl clothes set

It is always not so easy to accept, but our little girls grow up and one day she’ll ask you the permission to visit her first disco party. The best thing you can do in this situation is to help her to choose the best disco look Here we propose you trendy gold & black…

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